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What is a Mechanic?

Simply put, a Chrono Mechanic is an individual that is hired to repair the Machine that is Time!  Each Mechanic has been hand-picked by Chrono, Inc. and put through a series of rigorous training exercises. 

The recruits are taught to maneuver company time ships through perilous time streams, troubleshoot potential time malfunctions, locate time mines, calibrate time jumps and become proficient in the use of all time tools.  They are also taught the potential dangers that a licensed Chrono Mechanic will most certainly be expected to handle because only the best of the best can survive the pace and punishment of repairing time.  However, all the training in the universe will not instill the dedication, honor and integrity that must be at the core of every true Chrono Mechanic.So while many are recruited, few succeed in donning the coveted C.M.B.T.S. (Chrono Mechanic Body Transformation Suit) which enhances the Mechanic’s strength and offers an unparalleled level of protection.When training is complete, the new recruits are assigned to a team with three other such skilled Mechanics.  They wait in their respective time lines until called for duty.Remember, these guys do more before the dawn of time than most people do all day!

He’s cool; he’s suave; he’s . . . okay, those are lies because Oot is so NOT those things! But he is smelly, grumpy, highly egotistical and one of the best entrepreneurs in the history of the world!  This prehistoric Go-getter has a keen primal intellect that is light years ahead of the common cave man.  Oot created the wheel, harnessed fire and created the first cave condos (And that, children, is how real estate agents came into being!).This driven man caught the eye of Chrono, Inc. when the recruiter saw that the prehistoric dangers Oot endures daily helped to create a man with many of the attributes that CI values: great physical strength, strength of character and strength of will are all qualities that help to make a good Chrono Mechanic.  Oh, yeah, and because being a Time Repairman can be dangerous work, (and replacing employees is time consuming and expensive) hiring a Mechanic that has the quickness to outrun a sabre tooth tiger doesn’t hurt either.

This one short, balding, pudgy man brought about the dawn of the Renaissance!  (Oh, he did too!  Just ask him yourself!)  His brilliance in the arts and sciences is exceeded only by his fabulous fashion sense (and his ego). Caravaggio’s accomplishments should have been unparalleled and his name praised throughout the cosmos, but every great man has a rival, and this great Mechanic is no exception.  It seems that Leonardo da Vinci is always one step ahead of Caravaggio.  In fact, things have gotten so bad that Caravaggio swears that ‘duh’ Vinci has a top secret team of Duh-ninjies who wear funny black clothes and steal his designs while he sleeps.Possible paranoia aside, Chrono, Inc. knows that a snappy dresser with an agile, inventor’s mind can come in handy when the chips are down and the time ship’s busted!

Talk about your egos!!  This diminutive child alien is considered a god by many of the universe’s lower life forms.  Zyn’s philosophy is based on the Trinity Gem’s collected.  Simply put, the Trinity Gem is based on the Me – Myself – and I (self reliance) philosophy.  Zyn does not believe in sitting on his tentacles and meditating (Unless his believers are watching, that is!).  This kid has zealously established thriving philosophical colonies throughout the galaxy based on his Serene Philosophy of the Gem.  Not bad for a nine year old, huh?Zyn is known for having ambition, drive and a brilliant mind, but what captivated Chrono, Inc. was his calm nature.  When the stress is on and there’s danger on all sides, Zyn’s calm mind and analytical thinking holds the team together.

This sexy chick magnet is a 70’s rock God!  Doug (or ‘D’ as his fans call him) is worshipped by millions (mostly underage females) around the globe, and he embraces the rock lifestyle with all the fervor of a child in a candy store with a fist-full of quarters!  His face has graced the cover of every possible magazine, and he’s paid boo-coo bucks just to be on a talk show – any talk show.So after being the top dog on the food chain, when ‘D’ gets recruited (After Team 9.2 loses yet ANOTHER team member!), he finds out what it means to be just another ‘barcode’ to Chrono, Inc. and just another useless recruit to his teammates.  This self-absorbed rookie learns what it means to be without his groupies, his money, his limos, and horror of horrors . . . his manager!But don’t be too quick to ignore this fiery-haired West Virginia boy because he was given a secret gift by the fates.  His gift is that he has the most amazing luck!  No, that’s not good enough – he has CRAZY DUMB LUCK which means that he’s almost impossible to hurt.  ‘D’ is going to need every ounce of his gift since the team to which he’s been assigned has a hard time keeping their fourth team member alive!

Chrono Inc.

This corporation was founded at the very dawn of creation to monitor, maintain and repair the machine known as Time. The base of operations for Chrono, Inc. exists in a ‘time free zone’ and employs over four billion individuals recruited from throughout the history of the universe.  Of that four billion, there are roughly 1.97 billion of these employees that are working as Time Mechanics. Of course, like any other bureaucratic corporation, the facilities are also a place where the big wigs meet to drink their lattes, boss their subordinates around and vie for the corner office.  Also on site is the CI training facilities, the state-of-the-art quantum docks (which maintain over 500,000,000 time ships), the med bay, an equipment department and room enough for middle management to feel important.




Eugene (the Chrono Elucidator) is Chrono, Inc.’s leading holographic authority on time.  That means that he is a computer repository for anything and everything which relates to Chrono, Inc. and the huge machine that is Time.  The Elucidator has a tenacious dedication to his job and appears often throughout any time adventures to lend his knowledge and guidance during any confusing situation.  He is also known for his fierceness in the world of computer gaming and his love for Pizza Bites and Mountain Dew.

When you see this middle management honcho striding down the halls of Chrono, Inc. you can immediately tell that this is no paper pusher!  While he may be a little rough around the edges, and his speech patterns may be somewhat bizarre, this Foreman knows how to get the best results from the corporate suits and his assigned mechanic teams.  In fact, he can yell louder and longer than any other CI manager!  Most teams assigned to him get their work assignments done ahead of schedule just so they don’t have to see the veins throb in his temples because they know this guy is one cooling plant disaster away from a hospital bed!

Skippy is a 16-year old genius who miraculously showed up at the doorstep of Chrono, Inc. and was immediately brought on board as an intern to the most famous Foreman at Chrono, Inc. Because of his intimate knowledge of the big machine and being able to keep the Foreman calm and on track, this nudgey assistant made it clear that he is so much more than just a gopher (“go-fer dis and go-fer dat.”).  He’s always ready with a soothing tone, a cuppa joe and . . . occasionally, the Foreman’s blood pressure meds.



These technivorous piranha-like creatures live in the time streams and attack unsuspecting travelers.  After disabling the hapless time ships, they devour the ship from around the unlucky traveler.  When not eating ships, these foul creatures wage ‘turf wars’ to gain larger pieces of the time stream from rival gangs.  The more turf they control, the more food (time ships) comes their way.  Because of their voracious appetites for destruction, gang turf wars, and just plain nastiness (they spit!), Chronomites are a constant nuisance to anyone that travels the time streams.

Corky is decidedly different from his counterparts.  For one thing, he is not a basher; Corky would rather fix things than tear them apart!  For another, it appears that the genes for spitting and foulness were left out of Corky’s DNA code (for the most part).  Corky became the mascot for Team 9.2 when he repaired their time ship after a particularly vicious Chronomite attack.  When he’s not traveling the universe with Team 9.2, he spends his time at Chrono, Inc. where he’s very happy snacking on broken machinery and making sure the time ships are in good working order.


Founded by Joe Quick, this company is the bitter rival of Chrono, Inc.!  Quick-E-Time Repair Company is built upon a foundation of cheap parts (and even cheaper labor), bad repair work and stealing jobs.  Rest assured – if it’s a shoddy job – it’s Quick-E-Time!

Joe Quick

Joe Q was once an employee of Chrono, Inc., but is now their bitter rival.  He’s the owner of Quick-E-Time Repair and one of the most ruthless, amoral and cheap individuals that ever graced a business license!  If you have a time repair job, and if you don’t care about the methods or quality of the work – then Quick-E-Time is your company!  Joe Q prides himself on being one slick businessman; his company motto is, “If there is a corner to be cut, you can bet that Joe Q will find it!”  When Joe and his crew have been on a job site you can bet your Auntie Maude’s favorite jackhammer that Chrono, Inc. will have to fix their shoddy repair work before there’s a Time crisis of epic proportions!

Time Giant

Time Giants are extremely strong and resilient, and that concludes the only good things that can be said for them!  These guys are Joe Q’s favorite type of employee because they work cheap, and they’re too stupid to question his methods.  Time Giants lack many (okay – all) of the basic skills that it takes to be a time repairman.  They have never used the words ‘work’ and ‘ethic’ in the same sentence, they don’t know the meaning of the word ‘trustworthy’ and not one of them has enough intelligence to know one end of a blow torch from another!  So if you see these guys doing any work in your vicinity, do yourself a favor, and take a long lunch and come back when the fireworks are over.

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