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"Art Thibert has created a multi- dimensional time- travel world where planes of reality are shuffled like so many cards in the hands of a Mad Wizard. Drawn in a lushly detailed cartoon style that collides a realistic rendering with contemporary cartooning creating a unique hybrid style that is now owned by Art Thibert. Get it, digest it, love it if you dare to."



Bill Wray - Director/ Designer

Ren and Stimpy, Samurai Jack, Mad Magazine's Monroe, (Creator), Big Blown Baby

“Okay, the first rule of comics is that mixing time travel and blue collar screw-ups will automatically produce entertainment. Fun stuff and deadly art!”


Doug TenNapel - creator of Earthworm Jim, Creature Tech, Nickelodeon’s Catscratch


"Thibert's Chrono Mechanics is a hoot. He's bringing us tales for a new generation of HITCHHIKER'S GUIDE fans, that's both funny and wonderfully drawn. A treat as well as a worthy read."



Judd Winick-Infinite Crisis, Batman, Outsiders, (Creator) Cartoon Network's The Life and Times of Juniper Lee 


"Art Thibert's Chrono Mechanics is a marvel.  A super strong concept, strong art, and great lettering!  He makes all of us self-publishers look like amateurs.  I guess that's because he's one of those hard-to-find pros that make big name comics during the day and still love the medium enough to do their OWN comic on their "off hours".  He's like a superhero that has the power to create great comics.....too bad "Mr. Fantastic" is already taken Art, I don't know what else to call you."




Tom Bancroft -Former Disney animator

(Creator), "OPPOSITE FORCES" (Alias)

“…I have absolutely no fuggin’ idea what to make of this book.”

“…I just threw up my hands and decided to let Thibert’s nonsense pull me around by the nose and I wound up amused.”

“I am really happy to add this one to my library.”

“Buy it if you would like to laugh.”



“Thibert  is a twisted genius!”


“One of the more unique books on the shelves today.”

“Chrono Mechanics Silver displays great story telling, layout and appealing character designs. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this comic and look forward to future books to come.”


Stephen Silver  -Character Designer

Danny Phantom, Kim Possible, Clerks


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